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We are joining with Scholastic to bring you all you've come to expect and appreciate with our in school book fairs, but we will be bringing it to you via the virtual version! This will be a safe and easy way to not only help our school raise important funds for our library, but will also help your child discover and continue to discover the rich rewards of reading!

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Wednesday November 4th between 6 and 8 pm, there is also free shipping on all orders during our Family Night!


Virtual Book Fair Will Run From November 2-16, 2020



Mrs. Lane-Robinson

October 2nd Author Visit with Marty Chan a BIG HIT!!

St. Martin's was lucky to host the entertaining and inspiring author Marty Chan on October 2nd. Marty spent his morning speaking for 20 minutes with our Kindergarten students to start and then presented to the grades 1-3s before recess and the grades 4-6s after recess. All of his presentations were very well received by both students and teachers! Marty uses a wee bit of magic and student volunteers to liven up his presentations while he speaks of using your imagination and real life experiences to write stories.

For the kinders, he told a folk tale on how the first rainbow came to be, with very animated actions and volunteers from the audience to help. He also spoke about his picture book "True Story" and how he wrote it about his two silly cats, Max and Buddy. 

For the grades 1-3s Marty's presentation included acting out a folk tale about a painter with a magic paintbrush who painted things to life, but he only painted things for people in need. A greedy emperor wanted him to paint bars of gold and Marty told how the painter outsmarted the emperor and became the new emperor!

For the grades 4-6s, Marty told the students how they could come up with story writing ideas: spy on people and eavesdrop and pay attention to the world and you can find all kinds of ideas. He gave many examples of this! He told the kids how his favourite series growing up was the "Hardy Boy Mysteries" and how he wanted to be a detective just like the boys in the books, in his dad's store. He told the students how he made his detective tools using his imagination and the items he had around him. He also told the students what his inspiration was behind his book "The mystery of the mad science teacher" and "The mystery of the frozen brains". Both of these stories are based on his real life experiences as a child, and he had the students laughing all the way through at times and other times quiet as mice as they waited for him to hell his next detail! 


We want to thank the Student Advisory Council for making this possible for our school, and can't wait to have Marty Chan return to our school in the near future!  

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eBooks at St. Martin's? YES!!

St. Martin's is excited to announce that we are now subscribing to Overdrive, which is an eBook lender! Students just need to have a personal device (an eReader, smart phone, tablet, iPad, etc.) or a computer with an internet browser to check out an eBook or an audiobook! Just go to the Overdrive website link: Click here for Overdrive  or download the Overdrive app onto your device, log in with your St. Martin's school username and password and open a new world of reading possibilities! Never lose a book, never have an overdue book or a damaged book again! Great for students who read through their library books quickly and need a replacement before the library is open again! 

Big news for Reading!


We had the pleasure of hosting an incredible Alberta author, Sigmund Brouwer! His hour long, high energy performance always sparks reading and writing motivation in all of our students! 

Below are some links for you to check out Sigmund in action!  

Grade 4-6

Grade specific introduction vidoes: Grades K-6

Follow Sigmund at the Grammys

Check out Sigmund's website which has various resources for teachers, including writing instruction videos and  worksheets. 

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