Extra Curricular

St. Martin's has a variety of extra-curricular activities that students can participate in.  Activities include our grade 6 students doing a variety of "jobs" in support of younger students and the school as a whole, a leadership team that plans a variety of events and activities, milk program assistance.

We are excited to offer an extra-curricular athletics programs to our grade five and six students!  We will be creating a team of student-athletes to practice, play, and have fun.  The objectives of the our athletics teams will be to increase the skill level of the players, practice teamwork/sportsmanship, and to enjoy sport.  St. Martin's will be a part of the Elk Island Catholic Schools Sports Council. EICS Sports Council has created a 5/6 league that is focused on participation, skill development, and enjoyment of sport. There are three sports that are part of the league: volleyball, basketball, and badminton. Typically, our students travel to schools in Sherwood Park or Fort Saskatchewan in order to play fun games against students from other EICS schools.

Please listen for announcements at the school or in our weekly e-mails home for more information about signing up and participating.

Activity Club

This year I, Tess Cossey, will be running a year long Cross Country Running/Skiing/Track and Field Club!  This is an exciting opportunity for kids to try something new and be a part of an amazing school club. Our mission is focused on health and wellness and will include a variety of races beginning in September such as the MAC Track Cross Country Race Series. While promoting cardiovascular health and strength, we will have tons of fun with personal tracking sheets and focusing on personal bests. We continue in the winter months with cross country skiing. A huge thank you to our school foundation for funding some skiis and boots! We may bring in the snowshoes for fun too! We will enter some ski races and move into Track and Field in the spring with some running, jumping, and throwing! Our school team will enter the Journal Games and other fun obstacle courses and events!  I am opening this up to grades 3-6 just because of age limits for some races and will have a meeting the first week of school with any students interested.  This year I have partnered with Mrs. Strydom a parent as well as a personal trainer who will be helping coach this amazing team. If you require any further information please email tessc@eics.ab.ca 

As our t-shirts say WE 'RUN' THE SCHOOL.