Kindergarten Program

We offer parallel full day programs, Monday / Wednesday or Tuesday / Thursday.  Children are engaged in learning all day long with our play-based, emergent curriculum program.

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To find out when your child can be registered for kindergarten, put in your child's date of birth in our Kindergarten Calculator and it will tell you the eligible year.  

Kindergarten Calculator  (Click here for Link to calculator)

Play-based learning provides natural and authentic opportunities for learning. While engaged in play, children develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Language development and the understanding of numeracy concepts grow in contexts that are genuine and fit children’s interests.  Play-based learning gives children the opportunity for developing their social and personal skills at the different centers provided, and offers up opportunity for the children to explore different environmental settings and role play, using their imagination to discover and transform the environment.  This program provides opportunities for success in all areas and for all levels of experience.

Children will be engaged in activities that will cover the Alberta Education Curriculum such as:

  • Religious Studies
  • Citizenship and Identity
  • Early Literacy
  • Early Numeracy
  • Physical Skills and Well-being
  • Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Environment and Community Awareness
  • Creative and Cultural Expression

The Jim Stone Animated Literacy program is one of the main resources used in our class - songs, dancing, gestures and characters help to provide scaffolding to aid students in retaining and connecting important literacy concepts. This hands on learning is fun and easy, enjoyed by students at all levels.

Students are provided with many opportunities to engage with the rest of the school.

  • Two scheduled daily recesses with the whole school  
  • PALS - A younger class and an older class is partnered up for activities throughout the year
  • ECS participates in whole-school activities, such as Winter/Spring Carnival, Faith Day, etc.

Come and visit our Kindergarten classroom or call for more information 780-632-2266

To register for kindergarten, please access the Elk Island Catholic Schools website. Click here to be taken right to the kindergarten information and registration.